waiting for.breakfast on my off day

So after insisting the old bag at customs fill up my water bottles, I.was on the way. I pedalled a total of 67 miles, up and down more hills, but not as steep. Met up up with two of my freinds in the group who are.from India along the way. They are brothers. One lives in Canada and the other lives in Chicago.
I have always said that all rules are made to be broken. They are doing just that.
They both have bikes from.Canadian Tire (equivalent to Walmart, but on a smaller scale). they told me that the guy from Canadian tire wanted them to by their bikes from somewhere else when one of told the guy how they planned on using the bikes. One of them has ridden over 500 miles wearing nothing but Sandles on his.feet. The younger brother showed me what he claimed was his “terrorist” picture on his driver license. He at least wears regular running shoes.

I have learned a lot of cool things from these two. Such as when there is an Indian wedding, the whole planet shows up from their village.
I asked them what happens when a woman from India marrys a red neck from the southern USA. We all quickly determed that not only will the whole village show up from India, but so will all the people with pickups from Blue Berry Hill Mississippi with big.fancy exhaust systems blowing smoke out of their exhaust pipes and revving their engines.

When it rains while everyone is wearing their $500 rain jackets, the two brothers are wearing $1.99 rain ponchos and they make the same distance as everyone else in the rain.
I told the older brother that he should contact the sandal manufacture and use this trip as some sort of promo for them with his.picture.
The title of the ad could be
“How I pedalled a 1000 miles in Sandles”.

These two are the.coolest people from India I have met in a very long time me . They also like to make fun of the typical sterotypes that people see.them in at times.

When they finish this trip, they say that they will just simply throw.their $149.00 bikewqs in the garbage! Perhaps I can convince them to donate them to an Eskimo in need of getting around.
Yesterday I pedalled only 40 miles. Today is a rest day.
Last night I had dinner with The Judge. He is a.real judge on vacation and is a pretty cool guy in his own right. Pushing 70 years old, he is in just as good shape as a 30 year old. He could probably kick any 30 year olds ass too most likely.
Tomorrow I will be heading to Dawson City which is close to 530 km away from Whitehorse.
That will be a four day ride.
In the meantime please enjoy the pictures from the last two days of pedalling between Skagway and Whitehorse.

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