Starting trip to Inuvik

Good Morning all.
Tomorrow I start pedalling north with a group of 14 people to the Canadian Arctic.  I have been wanting to do this trip for the last 25 years.  Originally I was going to start my trip in Inuvik, but I thought Smoking Hot Wife would worry less if I went with a group that I found.
The first portion of my trip.will take me along Vancouver Island north to Prince.Rupert. then I.will take some overnight ferry to.some place which.I don’t know.the name of and we will start going north to.Alaska.
The first leg will be about 1500 miles.
In the group are 14 other cyclists from other parts of the world including Canada.
Yesterday one of the lead cyclists put a dinner on for the us.
Everybody in the group is older than me too.  I don’t know how they plan on riding such distance, but I guess that is why there is a support vehicle.
This will first organized cycle tour, so far I am impressed.  All my other bike trips across America have been done on my own.
The weather here yesterday was 75 and clear.  Today I.hope for more of the same !
This trip will be a lot of camping as there are where we.wlll be going.  As a matter of fact, along the.Dempster Hwy, not only will crossing several mountain ranges there is only three gas stations and motels along the 500 mile portion of this trip.

Also as most of you know, our company donates funds to.the people in Haiti.  If you wish to sponsor me on this trip here is the url
If some of you don’t know who Frank Mckinney is, he is a.freind of.mine.  He started the Caring House Foundation. He has been directly responsible for improving thousands of peoples lives in haiti, through building houses and ultimately entire villages. All the funds go to Haiti. 
You can help build for someone in Haiti for as 2500.00.

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