Starting the next part of my adventure !

Yesterday I got on the plane and headed to Vermont to see my fatherinlaw for his 75th birthday. He resides in Malone  Ny .One cannot miss anyone’s 75 th birthday.  Especially my Smoking Hot Wife’s ( see dads birthday.

On Sunday I get on one of those crappy small airliners run by United Express and head back out to Montana. 
July seems to be a month for adventure for me and a friend of mine that I will talk about in a minute.
The leg of this journey will take me from Bozeman Mt to some place in Iowa. This part will take me over a 10,000 ft pass in the Bear Tooth Mountains on Us 212 and then east to South Dakota and beyond.  I might even stop in Minneapolis and see BRIAN FUREY.  He asked me three times to ride there.
Some of this trip will have to be done at night because of the extreme heat in the great plain states. 
In the great plains its not uncommon to see temperatures over 110 deg f.

When I rode to Winnipeg a couple of years it got up to 112 deg in Kansas one day.  A tractor trailer past me and it felt like I had been blasted by a major wave of heat coming out of a furnace. 
You are all most likely familiar with what the heat feels like coming out of a furnace on a cold winter day ? This is what it felt like, plus the heat I was already in !

Starting July 15 Frank Mckinney is running his 8th consecutive marathon in Bad Water .  The temperatures I am sure will be 135 deg f on the black top.  This marathon is 135 miles long.  I will go to Bad Water one day again soon just to see if I can fry an egg on the pavement.  I did that one day in Toronto on one of my cars. but it did not cook too well.  I guess it still was not hot enough.
I would like to ask all the readers of the blog to sponsor him if you can at
You will be helping make other peoples lives better by helping build houses for others who have nothing.
I remember when I had nothing, but it was a far cry from how they have nothing in Haiti.
Without hope, there is no inspiration or opportunity.

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crazy biker at large
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