Starting phase two of my trip !


This is my bike without all the bags and trailer attached to it.

Right now I am sitting here at Applebees in Bozeman.  I arrived here this morning after spending the night in Billings at some dumpy Holiday Inn.  It was not an express one so I guess there were no smart people staying there.  I certainly was not smart for staying there either as I found ants on my bathroom floor.
I don’t like ANTS!
Tonight I had dinner at Applebees and had some nice salmon.
As a matter of fact the only place that makes salmon the way I really like it is applebees, chillis and some restaurant that Smoking Hot Wife (see  likes to take me to at home once in a while.

While sitting at Applebees I met some cool people from China.  Ended up practicing what little Chinese I know with them.  I think they were more interested in speaking English.  My waitress was from Romania and she knew six languages.  So I spoke to her in Russian and French.
So while I was having dinner, I was speaking Chinese, Russian, French and English to all the people that I was sitting beside. I like learning different languages lot.  I learned a little swahili from the waitress at the hotel this morning.

So on my way here this morning I was thinking about all the great people at my company The James R Whelan Agency ( ).  Among them are Sean, Edie, Demetrius, David and Scott as well as many more.
I most certainly owe all of them plus everyone else at my company a debt of gratitude for making this bike trip even possible.  So Thank you to all of our employees at my company.
Tomorrow I will be biking 68 miles, mostly uphill to Gardiner Mt.  After Gardiner I will be crossing into Wyoming while entering Yellow Stone park.   The pass that I have been telling you all about is now over 11000 ft high. I just found this out from a former ranger who used to run all the tours at Yellow Stone.
  I am looking forward to seeing how the sea level lifestyle I live at allows me to climb it while pulling 75 pounds of stuff.

More tomorrow with lots more picture’s.

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