Returning to the road August 19

Some people are emailing me wondering about my trip.  Well all is well.  I just had to take a break and go home.  My business needed some tending to.  Also wanted to witness one of our entrepreneurs George Paras get sworn in as a US Citizens.
I am very proud of him as I am all our entrepreneurs at our company.  They all play a piece in helping each other get ahead including me.
Also Rastamans son Rasta Junior  got a promotion to appointment setter too.

Please enjoy the pictures of George’s citizenship ceremony.

Right now I am getting out of bed at 230 am every morning and peddling 51 miles a day and then going to the gym right after.
This is my normal morning workout now at 50 years of age.
I am doing 51 iles a day 5 days a week.

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