Perry ga to Griffin Ga

This city is 30 miles south of Atlanta . I got my first flat tire of the trip last night. It happened about a mile away from my hotel at 10pm.
So far I have pedaled about 850 miles starting April 27 from Key West .

I will be crossing the Tennessee state line around Wednesday of this week.

Met an a veteran yesterday at a Kwickstop. He served in Vietnam in addition to other spots. He too shares the same opinion as I do: Obama is the worst thing that ever happened to this country. It’s all the people that never want to work a day in their lives or that just want to walk into a company with no experience and start making 100k a year that voted for him .

He liked the gun I am carrying . I have met four open carry gun owners so far on this trip. One being a woman. More woman need to open carry their guns. I open carry my weapon in a chest holster. That way the road ragers who like to get out of their cars to either yell at me or drive by and throw things at me or spit at me are a lot less likely to do so.