My trip to China with Demetrius !

Two weeks after finishing my bicycle trip across the USA I got on the airplane and came to China.

Demetrius and I came to China for an advertising conference that never happened. 
After seeing it advertised and promoted in San Francisco I thought it would be cool to go to.
After flying over 6500 miles on a trashy 777  Delta Airlines plane, I  immediately went to The Peninsula Hotel and went to sleep.  Demetrius  and I travelled on separate planes.  He went on Air China which is a much better airline.  They even use the same kind of plane as I was on, but the seats are way more comfortable .
If you are in business it is important to have all the key personel in the company travel on individual planes separately from one another should something happen enroute to the same destination.

The business class seats on delta suck.  Though they lie flat, they are way too narrow, short and the food is crap. In particular on the way home I got served something that looked like  a plumber would make after fixing someone’s plumbing in the bathroom with a toilet plunger.  That is about as non descript as I can put it for all the readers here.


My get even with Delta will be to put the picture of this food on a big protest sign. Then I will go hold it up at the local airport on a busy day so all of deltas customers can see.  The sign will say, “Delta airlines serves food from the xxxxxz ! Guaranteed to give you gas!”.  I put xxxxx over the “t” word that will be going in there in case someone is eating when they read this . I will be having delta pleading with me to go away like people normally do that I picket. My protest signs have a 100 percent success rate in getting companies and government officials to respond to me in one way or another.  Cant say that for those guys that stand on the street corner asking for money ! It’s all in the way I do it !

Once we got to Beijing and changed our plans, I think we still had a very productive trip.  I quickly discovered that after wanting to eventually open a small office in Beijing, that it is not the place to do it in.  I discovered this after looking at four different office spaces with a local real estate guy who was quite helpful. During the discovery process we walked through some neighbourhoods that had really bad air. If I sent one of our employees there from the USA , they would not like it. Finding out this one fact first hand was in itself worth the trip. It saved the company a boat load of cash just with learning this one point.

It was also a good trip too for the fact that I got to know one of my freinds there  much better. His name is Sydney Parmenter.  If you need stuff done in China just Google him or call me and I will hook you up.

Demetrius and I walked into some watch shops the first morning .  We began looking at watches that were priced anywhere from 10,000.00 all the way up to $100,000 plus us.
I like buying nice watches, I have five of them.  I also like buying them for our salesmen  at times too. All great salesmen need a nice watch given to them by the boss.
On the last night in China I tried on a watch at the local Graf store that was priced at $800,000 us . Nice watches appreciate in value. They are also a good investment.
The second day in Beijing we went to Forbidden City and Tienemen Square .  I brought my tuxedo with the American Flag embedded on the back to wear there.  I was advised not to by Sydney because of the recent terrorist attack there.  So I settled on my American Flag cowboy boots only. They had a lot of security there because of the attack.  Things were still not settled down just yet, though I did dance in front of the soldiers singing my “getting on down in the hood” song across the street from the big famous Chairman Moe picture there.
I made 8 soldiers laugh, three shook my hand.

I am told that it is impossible to make the Bucking Ham Palace guards laugh. 

People at different times all came up and wanted to get there picture taken with Demetrius and me.  A lot of them thought I was a country music singer simply because I was wearing my hat. People wanted to get a picture with Demetrius because he is just simply the King of Cool. In fact he is the only King of Cool.
So cool that he will be coming out with cool dollars pretty soon with his picture on it.

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