Montana is even a larger state and more difficult state to cross than either Idaho or Washington.
One of the passes that I climbed yesterday was 6300 feet in elevation.  The climb was straight up with 5 miles of pedalling.
For a guy living at sea level, I made it though with lots of energy to spare.
Stayed in some dump the night before last.  The water did not work in the shower.  So the guy had me go to another room that was dirty to take a shower.  I guess I will never stay there again.
I stayed in a Days Inn last night.  They got the chairman’s.award.
I wonder why no one ever gets the Emperors award?

Skirted the rain yesterday.  Hopefully I will today too.  Going to try and pedal 100 miles today carrying my 60 pounds worth of stuff. – riding cloths, tools to fix my bike in the middle of no where, 6 big ass water bottles from the gas station, plus my regular water.bottles.  One never wants to run out of water.
Part of my equipment even includes a search and rescue device, should I get stranded in the middle of nowhere.
After peddling.through 85 miles of wilderness with barely a car on the road, I never know where I met up.

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