Memphis Tennessee is a cool town …

With lots of trucks, lots of highways, and  lots of Fed Ex trucks.

I am finally under a thousand miles from home.  I am 981 to be exact . My distance from Tallahassie Florida is 538 miles. Home is West Palm Beach, or about 16 days on a bicycle .

Today I met up with a guy who rode his bicycle from Denver just outside of Memphis.  He is on his way to Ganiesville Florida via North Carolina.  He said that he plans to be completed his trip in three weeks.  He has been living on his winnings from the Jeopardy TV show. 
On this leg of my trip, I never met any other bicyclists until him.

On the first half of my trip, I was meeting people in the western states that had already pedalled their bicycles all over from other parts of the USA and Canada.

During this trip I have met all kinds of cool kids and adults.
What has been most rewarding to me so far is the looks on the children’s faces when they stand by my bicycle while I speak with both them and their parents about what I am doing.
The kids look at me in disbelief until I start showing them my pictures from all parts of my trip.

I guess its time to get the hand back on the handle bar

Jim Whelan

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