Life Experiences make you a better person

At times one needs to rethink how they go about things. With  someone like me who is wild and crazy it’s always a good idea to get a second and third opinion prior to doing stuff at times. I did this time, and I usually do!
Usually when I go hold a sign somewhere I will get an opinion as to its wordings. 
Today I am going to Joan rivers funeral.  I thought it would make a great sign if I put some pictures of her on it along with one of her quotes.
I have been a life long fan of hers.

One of my closest friends and also another person within my organization who has very strong opinions told and begged me to rethink the sign thing.  I did.

The lesson learned here for others and also most importantly for myself is that if you have not done something previously that is “out there”, always check with someone whose opinion you value to make sure it’s a good idea.

What’s “out there” for me is definitely untouchable for most others !

While I was going to go get pictures of all the memorials and the public happenings of one of my tv heroes, I will be leaving this particular sign at home.  In the future I will have a sign that is more complimentary to the occasion!

James Whelan