Left West Palm Beach

My 2100 bicycle trip starts today.

I got out of bed at 330 am had breakfast and finished packing 3 boxes. The airline scale said all my boxes weight 94 pounds. By the time I include my bicycle and trailer plus any incidentals that are already at the bike shop I expect everything to weigh out at about a 134 pounds. My starting weight on my trip this morning was 191.6 .

I expect my weight to be around 186 by the time I finish my 2100 mile trip.

I expect it to take between 27 and 31 days.

What I like about all my trips that I take like this is all the cool people you meet along the journey.

I have always found that the people that hang out at the gas stations to be the most interesting individuals. People always come up to me with the same set of questions.

1) I wish I had the time to do something like that. How do you do it ?

2) I used to be ride like you but don’t any more. How do you do it ?

3) How many miles a day do you do?


5) Are you doing this for a charity?

6) Why are you doing this?

7) What are the drivers like ?

And much more.

The other nice thing about these trips is that complete strangers open up about their lives . They tell me stuff they wouldn’t even tell their families. Its an incredible experience.

What makes it even more special is policemen will stop by the side of the road to see if I need water or to make sure I am ok.

One trip while pedaling across Michigan I had three people at different times wait for me by the sibde of the road with bottles of water. It was pretty cool meeting up with them. I had enough water already, but how can you refuse not to take it. not to take it.

On this trip I promised my favorite person at comcast pictures of people in cable TV trucks. So you will be seeing some of those just for her.

On the flight to Atlanta this morning I got awarded the most polite passenger award. I thought it was pretty cool!

So long for now.