Jim Whelan’s New Year message for all

Happy New Year! Prosperity in the new year can mean many different things. Making and developing friendships that last, is what I think it is the most important.

I took a look back on the past year. The moments that made me the happiest were the friendships that I developed! While I might not talk to my friends all the time or even for a length of time, I do know that I can just phone them up and have a pleasant fun conversation with any of them at any time. Just as importantly, I can go see them at any time too.

I know a lot of good people, but the number of good friends I have can be counted on two hands. That can always be increased and is! ALWAYS!

Good friends that stay with you through thick and thin is what prosperity is all about to me. I call this Prosperity Through Friendship! The best way to make a friend is to just be there for someone. Whatever that may be.

Life is like a fine tuned machine. It always needs to be continually fine tuned and oiled, while being celebrated each second of the day. That is why each day has to be better than the day before. That is also why each second has to be better than the previous second. Friendships are the same way to me. Bonds that develop between people can lead to magificant friendships. Through my travels and my daily routines I meet wonderful cool people from all walks of life. Everyone from fellow entreprenures, judges, other pilots, to the guys in the hood! Wherever I go, no matter what language that people speak, everyone wants the same thing. Some of those things are: a good family, good income, to be respected, to be cared for, a place to lay your head and to be loved.
What am I going to do differently in the new year? Not much really. I like things the way they are. Smoking Hot Wife and Number 1 Son already make me very happy . I love both of them very much. I already have lost all the weight that I wanted to. I always keep my bicycle tires full of air so I can go out and ride any time I want to.

That’s it for now.

Happy New Year!

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