It’s raining today….

In looking at where I am now on this trip across America vs from when I was starting out makes me feel pretty good.
Pretty good from the stand point of being 50 years old, living at sea level, making it over the 10,000 to 11000 foot passes without so much as any loss of breath.
I have been told to get off the road only 5 times this entire trip so far, and had the horn blown at me on average about 6 times a day. Yesterday some punks rolled down their window while I travelled south bound on us 63 and blew a real loud air horn at me and then took off. Such things I have gotten used to. This does not scare me anymore as I am used to such things.
No one so far has thrown anything at me yet either.  I suspect that is most likely because they can see my gun in plain view.

Here is where I am at on this trip so far :
I am in Jefferson City Iowa.  This city is 337 miles from Memphis,  687 miles from Atlanta or 1302 miles away from Smoking Hot Wife.  See Smoking Hot Wife at

A couple of days ago I was in Moulton Iowa.  I met these three gentlemen


Tony Newcomer will be turning 90 on November 20 of this year.
He is on the right. In the middle is Tony Gilbert who was a train conductor for Norfolk and Southern for 40 years. On the left is Tod Hanson.  He is the local restaurant owner and insurance agency guy.  Tony is the local Tea Party chairman.
He seemed very delighted to hear me say that it was time to put the brakes on Obama.  Then he says “looks like we found ourselves a conservative”. Well he’s true to a point, but my views are more centrist when it comes to politics.

Tony here is where I stand on these issues –
Government run health care is bad the way it was introduced and forced on us. This country does need some sort of system so people who have worked and contributed to the economy for over 40 years don’t to bankrupt, loose their life savings and then still get stuck with a big bill. Obama care is not the answer.

Guns are good in the right hands. Some states make permits to.carry to easy to get with little or no training. 
States should make it a requirement to go through a two to four week long gun handling coarse just to carry one.

Taxes – i am for a general sales tax on all business transactions as long as it goes to reducing the national debt. I would say perhaps around 5 per cent.

Tony, if I run for US senate will you vote for me ?:)

Tony Newcomer has been around a long time.  When we sat at the table together I asked him what it was like growing up during the crash of 29, the 30’s dust bowls, three wars, and then Walter Cronkite announcing the first man on the moon, and then the internet.  His answers were some of the most profound I ever heard.  It was such a privilege for me just to sit with this man and hear him speak about history and his experiences.  Also to hear the opinions on current events from their perspective tony and Todd ),was just as profound.
Anyone running for President makes their first rounds in Iowa.One of the first places they go to is to see Todd Hanson at restaurant in Moulton Iowa .

The nice thing about America is one does not get hurt talking about their political beliefs.  Friends can agree to disagree and then still have breakfast at the local restaurant together the next day.

When I was ready to leave after 10 minutes of good byes and.having to  go pedal another 30 miles to the next town all these kids showed up:


I guess word had gotten around town real fast about the guy riding now.bicycle across America.

So I stood and spoke with them for about 20 minutes about what it is like to achieve goals in your life, family values and many orher things.  This was the third time on this trip that something like this has developed.  I really enjoyed talking them.

Time for me to get the other hand back on the handle bar. 
Singing off for now.

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