It’s cold out today !

After days of good temperatures I woke up this morning to cold outside.  The accuweather man not only needs to be fired, but needs to wait until I at least get to the Florida state line before sending.through the cold weather.

I guess I will have to get Smoking Hot Wife to send me my winter riding clothes soon if it gets much cooler.

Here is some pictures from one of the storms I was caught in just two days ago just as the cold air was coming in:


This was after the fact. 
During the storm itself I was out on the highway when it came. 
I put my rain suit on, put my bike up against one of the mileage markers and just sat down beside it just off of the shoulder of the highway.  It poured and poured and poured, along with lots of lightning. All drivers were at almost a standstill on the highway.  Apparently someone had called the lawmen to come rescue me. By the time they came the storm was already over and I had pedalled 25 miles into the next town.  They found me just as I was going into Pizza Hut for some pizza still soaking wet!
That night I learned that there was a
My bags are waterproof, but whatever my phone was in at the time sure wasn’t.

On my way to Rolla this morning.

Time to get the other hand back on the handle bar,

Jim Whelan

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