finally have.internet access.

Have pedalled over 120 miles in the last two days, with today being stop.
Left SkagWay Alaska at 430 am two days ago.and began a steep climb that was about 20 miles long into the Yukon territory.
The old bag at Canada.Customs refused me.water on the premise that they get it delivered. Of coarse there is no.other place to get water around there. So after I got through with the inspection processI just decided to wait there and sit in the chair inside the customs booth until s she would give me some water.I made it clear I was not gonna put up with her garbage most of the other people in the y group ran outta water about 10 miles away.when I’m going to cross great distance on a bicycle in any given time I always carry of 7 water bottles plus3 big water bottles you buy in store . Further down the.road I have a lot higher mountains to.climb..more after breakfast

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