Driving to Key West Today!

Today is the day I start my journey by bicycle to Alaska from Key West Florida, Ironically it will by driving to the starting point, which is some 200 miles away .  I will be loading my bicycle and trailer in the back of my suv.

The total journey will be close to 6600 miles.  I hope to have it all completed within the next 3.5 months.

My bicycle has equipment has never weighed so much.

I am carrying the usual tent, sleeping bag, water, medical kit and lots more

Because I will be going into some very remote places in the arctic, I have added 2 emergency flares, satellite phone with solar panel charger, distress flag, bug netting for both the tent and to cover me, a walkie talkie that operates on the aircraft frequencies (I am also a pilot),and a emergency locater beacon with GPS tracking.

I thought it would be a great idea to add the walkie talkie to my equipment since there is usually a few planes that fly overheard daily along the Dalton Hey in Alaska.  Every pilot always monitors 121.5 mhz that I know of .  This is the emergency frequency for distress calls we use.

Either way, it will be fairly easy to get help should I get sick or incapacitated 300 miles in the middle of no where in the high arctic.

I look forward to meeting all the cool people along the way.  Some of my best times on my Seattle to key west trip was when I was pedaling through the hood in Memphis.

I got a police escort crossing the interstate bridge heading into Memphis.  The cops told me to.take the first right after the bridge,  However of course I missed it by going straight! By going straight I found myself eventually being interviewed by a couple of guys for their YouTube channel!

I had instant hood cred !

While I am busy pedaling my bicycle on this journey, Frank McKinney will be taking some of his Carying House Foundation donors over to  Haiti later this week. The Carying House Foundation has helped over 11000 people in Haiti.  They do this by building entire villages for people with nothing.  The people that we build houses for are able to move to a block concrete home,  after moving out of a shack made of card board and other crap.   Without a decent place to live, there is no inspiration to get ahead .  If you would like to build one house which costs roughly around $3000.00

Or donate funds to The Carying House Foundation based on my total mileage please contact Doug Doebler at Doug@dougdoebler.com.

Anyways, I better get packing more ! Stay tuned!