Breakfast at the Best Western

By the time this trip is over, all 6200 miles of it, I think I will have racked up zillions of best western points !  I will be platinum or whatever their highest level is 10 ways to Sunday !

Yesterday my gps was going to send me down some dumass dirt road .  Not wanting to do that I saw a police car coming and flagged him down. He did a quick stop and u turn .  When he opened his window I warned him that I had my gun on me, should he not see it .  He just smiled and said “great, glad to see you wearing one !”  Sort of refreshing to hear  that ! Especially when you are open carrying . The guy doing the same job in Canada would take me away to jail for ten years .

The drivers in Ga are a lot better than in Florida .
In Florida they are the worst and rudest in the country .  Even the one person who gave me the finger and blew his horn at me for slowing him down gave me the full lane .  In Florida they come right up to your handle bars just so see if I will land on the hood of their car .

Spent the morning at breakfast listening to an old guy complain to me about how he had no teath.  At the same time his wife who appeared just as senile as him complained how senile her husband is.   Now I know what I can look forward to as I get older 😉

Met up with some track team too at breakfast here in the hotel.  Spoke to their teacher and had a nice time learning about their times .  They are sure proud of themselves and they should be too.

I think the old guy mentioned earlier was proud of the fact that he had no teeth !

Ending up in Byron Ga today .  It is 72 miles further north .