Biker Secret Number 2

Talking with my attorney today reminded me of some of the wacky places I ride my bicycle into. Whether its into the hood in Memphis where the cops told me not to go, but did anyways while making new freinds, or into the high arctic like I did last year, one always needs to be prepared in case you get lost.
Wherever I go on my bicycle  tours, I carry an emergency locater transmitter or “elt”.

People use  elts for boat rescues or when their small airplanes go down.  People use them when they go hiking or get stuck in avalanches.  Since one cannot rely on cell service 100 percent of the time, elts work like a charm.  They work because they are all connected to search and rescue centers world wide via satellite. 
I test mine once a week to make sure it works.
I don’t want Smoking Hot Wife worried  about me more than necessary.
When travelling where there is no cell service, I would recommend taking a satellite phone with you too.

Since there is no cell service in the high arctic where I rode last year, I carried an elt and a satellite phone. Though the satellite phone was priced at 2.00 per minute, it was still goo

d to have in addition to my elt. One never knows what will work and won’t work when it comes to saving not only your own life, but those of others you may encounter.

The good news is that I will be back on the road tomorrow morning now that my bicycle is fixed.  Had it back by lunch time today. UPS came  through for me and did not loose anything.

Thats it for now folks.  Time to go grab some dinner and put the other hand back on the handle bar.

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