Biker Secret Number 1

Good afternoon all

Since I found out that they only change the bed spreads at the super 8s or for that matter clean them once a month, I have given up on Days Inns and Super 8S ALL TOGETHER.  Not only are they dumps, they are just down right a nasty place to lay your head after a hard day of is a Google search that shows just how nasty places like the days inn and super 8s are. Go figure they are all owned by the same company .

When I get home from my trip, I am going to get a sign made about the Days Inn and go picket the local one in Palm Beach for a few days.  I can hardly wait to see their reactions while they try to get rid of me from the public side walk.

Now onto Biker Secret number 1.
This rule is one of my prime secrets of any bike trip:
Get yourself a Corporate Lodging Card  
You don’t have to have a business to get one.  If they ask you for one just make a name up and register it with the state for 50 bucks.
Through this entire trip I have gotten with this card 20 to 50 per cent off my hotel bill each time I have used it.
Some of the places I used it was the super 8s, but since I am through with them, for about 10 to 15 dollars more a night, I can get the Fair Field Inn by Marriott or a.Holiday inn Express for usually 64 to 70 dollars a night .  The walk in rates are 100 plus.. They even have an app that you can put on your smart phone that lists all the places that take them.

This would be great for guys like Bob Puzio (my attorney 954 489 7766)  who travel a lot for.court cases and many other professions too.  It is also great if you just want to travel with your family and use it for that too.
The card is tied in with your credit card.

How I found out about it was by simply asking a hotel clerk in Mississippi.  I asked her why there were only trucks and service vehicles that parked at certain hotels.
This was the answer I got.
When you are riding around on a bicycle into the crazy places I do, you notice these things. 

I also just got news that my bike is fixed.  So it looks like I will be back on the road tomorrow crossing into Georgia.

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