arrived in Inuvick yesterday

I arrived in Inuvik yesterday. Last 10 miles was on paved road after pedalling over 450 miles on nothing but gravel and I question as to what some of it actually was.
While I was speeding towards the Inuvik sign, some Johnny On The Spots fell off a truck coming in the opposite direction.
I have always worried about someone hitting me with some sort of vehicle, but never being hit by a flying toilet. While I ended up in the ditch still upright on my bicycle, the outhouse missed me by only 5 feet. I am pretty happy that it was not full of shit.
While it was not funny at the time, how many people can say that they rode their bicycle to the Canadian Arctic and almost get hit by a flying toilet?
I learned a lot about myself on this trip, more so than any other bike trip I have taken. It’s only because I think of the nature of where I went and how I got.there

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