Almost at Tennessee

Ended the day 663.miles south of Detroit…. 863.miles.north of where I started at in Key West !

Went all the way through Atlanta today . I stopped smack dab in the middle.of the hood in to get done Gatorade . Everyone seems amazed of the fact that I am travelling so far on a bicycle !  I still can’t figure out why some are so amazed by this, since I know people who do this all the time 🙂 I will probably be amazed by it too by the time I finish it !

The gps took me through the side streets of Atlanta. Some of those hills are so steep I don’t know how cars can even make it up some of them.
I only got the horn blown at me three times today. One might expect with the city the size of Atlanta that you would get the horn a lot more!
In Florida I get the horn usually about 10 times for more on any given day .
The other amazing thing for Atlanta, no one gave me the finger either .

In the State of Georgia there are no shoulders to ride on. So each second of my day is spent blocking traffic . Sometimes there is huge line ups behind me . However I don’t really care . There is no other place for me to ride except on the road !