Between Webster City and des Moines

Had a great day yesterday pedalled 80 miles.
As I got closer to Des Moines people actually started honking their horns at me to get off the road.
One person actually called the Sheriff on me for peddling on the main two lane road into the area.
So the sheriff comes and pulls me over.  When we started talking I told him as I always do when police people come in contact with me that I carry two guns on me and I show them where they are. I told him that I was fully permitted to carry them.
The conversation quickly changed after that from him wanting me to know that someone called to how he supports people who carry weapons for self defence like I do.  He could care less about my permits.
This was my third encounter with a police/deputy on this trip.  All were very supportive of the fact that I was open carrying on my bicycle and the fact that I had the nerve to carry like I do.
Especially the fact that I carry two of them. 
One thing I learned at gun school (same place where cops go to I went ), guns jam and for that very reason you always need a back up gun.  Millions of men and women don’t know this simple fact.  Also one thing that all of you need to know.  I support responsible gun ownership.  Some states like Washington and Florida make it just too easy for people to get guns.  This is why we have all the violence we have today. There is no.psychological testing or anything. At the same time part of responsible ownership is that if someone wants your wallet, even though you may be armed at the time, just give them the darn wallet.  If they want to harm your family, that’s when you need to consider taking action, and only then.

Today I am in Des Moines .  I will be here for three days to rest up for the next portion of my trip down to Nashville which is only 500 miles away. After that it will be through Atlanta and then home.

Today looks pretty good outisde…

Some woman was….. In the room above me at 200 am.
She was a downright screAmer. I think my friend Brian/Terence  from the gym would like this place!
This Super 8 is just a down right rat hole if there ever was one.
I know the Office Politician would not like this place.  He never let’s me live down the place in Washington ! He has a thing for not liking outside rooms.
Today I am starting out about 72 miles due north of Des Moines, 59O miles north west of Nashville, 683 miles north west of Memphis. Home is now 1575 miles away.
The pictures are from the last couple of days of going through Iowa.

James Whelan
crazy biker at large
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I am in Webster City tonight which is 72 miles away from Des Moines

This town is full of cool people.  I actually met a pistol packing mom today. 
It’s nice to know that the women carry guns just as much as men do.
I talked to some flaming liberal up in Canada where she expects the government ( police ) to protect her if harm comes her way.
Of coarse we all know how long the police actually take to come

James Whelan
crazy biker at large
561 588 0808

Pretty good drivers in Iowa …

No one has tried to run me off the road.  I have never experienced such good drivers.  All the trucks slow down too.  I am amazed as to how courtesy.every one is here on the road
The other interesting thing is they everyone that passes you actually waves

James Whelan
crazy biker at large
561 588 0808