489 km away from dawson city wity about 1200 km to go

Got out of bed and head breakfast this morning. During the night the calls of the loons, elk and wolves woke me up from the distance. Got a 74 mile day to pedal today. Yesterday I rode 87 miles.
Met two other guys on bicyles yesterday that were pedalling from prudho bay Alaska on their way to Eugene Oregon. Today I met a couple from Switzerland that started in the same place and is pedalling their bikes to San Diego.
I told them both what to watch out for along the road since I already have pedalled down the pacific coast 5 times. Both times all the people have said that they have seen lots of bears. I have not seen any bears yet.

This morning Sean was telling me about one of his customers whose first name is Marie. She runs an organization called
Alpha Publishing. She’s one of the greatest people I know.

Right now I am having lunch at some restaurant in the middle of no where. Have only pedalled about 25 miles today so far. Got 40 plus to go.

Both yesterday and today I had my bicycle up to 37 mph for a good length of time. Had a good tail wind yesterday and today.
The guys from India are still doing pretty good in their Sandles. See picture.
That’s it for now.

Another day

Just getting out of bed now.  Starting another

day of biking.  This time leaving Whitehorse, Yukon and heading up towards Dawson City.  The distance between both towns is 443 km.
Right now the temp is 45 deg f and 521 am