Taking a break for 10 days

I will be taking a break for 10 days from bicycling across the USA. I will be coming back out on my bike on July 8.
In the meantime I have been planning the next thousand mile leg of my trip. 
Here is a little info as to where I will be going http://www.aaroads.com/west/us-212_wy.html

One of the climbs that I will be making on my bicycle will be over 10,000 ft above sea level.  I have not mis read it this time.
The guy all the local bike shop says the climb is over 30 miles long with no guard rails and lots of switch backs.
I will be leaving us 12 and I 90 to take us 212.
I figure for a guy that’s 50 having already climbed a 22 mile long climb to go to 5500 ft, then a slightly longer one  up to 6300 ft, that I should do ok going up to the 10,000 ft level.
Not bad for a guy that lives at Sea Level.
One of my friends   Frank McKinney is running a marathon called Bad Water this coming July.  It is 135 miles long through Death Valley.  He hauled around a rubber tire on a rope for 24 hours as part of his training.  To me this is even more of a challenge than just simply getting on a bicycle and doing what I do.  He has trained for the last year for this event.  The temperatures will get up to 130 degrees or higher during his run.
As a matter of fact, Frank runs a charity which I have been supporting for years. Please see WWW.chpf.org
For each mile that he runs, I would like to ask my readers to donate to help build houses in Haiti.   For each mile that you sponsor him for, you will be giving other families a much improved  life through better housing.
Why I support Franks charity Caring House Foundation is  because the people of Haiti have no opportunity to better themselves like people in America do.
While all people both in Haiti and America can experience hope, happiness and love, only people in America have much opportunity.
Without opportunity their cannot be much hope.  Without opportunity their is not much desire to get ahead.

I have been fortunate over the years.  I have gone  from having a business in Canada competing with the likes of Federal Express, then selling it, reinvesting that money into something else and becoming more than dead broke and moving to America.
In America I basically started over.  Delivering newspapers and Pizza with a new wife (see WWW.SmokingHotWife.TV) . I  eventually answered an ad for an ad sales rep position.  This is where I learned about ads at Newsmax.  I learned every thing I could about ads. This is also where I met two people who have strongly influenced me over the years.  One is my long time friend, business colleague and right hand man Demetrius (Rastaman) Robinson After a period of time  Newsmax started cutting my commissions . This is a salesman’s no no.
So I quit  on the spot after the stupid salesmanager awarded one of my top accounts to a competing rep. 

Rastaman educated me on the ways of American life and sales. He made me much more tolerant of others and still does to this day.  As a matter of fact he is the sales director at The James R Whelan Agency. He is a very major key player in our company. Not only has he made me more educated about others as a matter of fact he now educates me on a lot of stuff that I might not realize is happening.  Some of the other people that do this now to is Scott Smoliak and Steve Hall and Edie Van Liew.
I like to dub Scott The Office Politician. Scott is much more toned down than Rastaman, but both have made a significant impact in my life. 
Steve and Edie tell me how it is in no uncertain terms on a daily basis. This is something I need on a daily basis.
Why I mention all this in conjunction with the Carrying House Foundation and Haiti is because all these individuals have allowed me to keep making donations to build more houses.  This is because all have been key players in helping move the company forward and building the business that now has 21 employees in Palm Beach.
In Haiti no such opportunity would have ever existed.

Americans that are born here in a lot of ways don’t realize the opportunitues that they have to get ahead here.  I do, because I am an immigrant now American citizen.  I make sure I convey this message to all in my company.  As a manner of fact I am helping one of our ad traffickers become an American.  His first name is George.  I have no idea what his last name is.  I like to call him Top Shelf.  I call him this because he is the King of Phillipino Cool.
Some of the other important key people in our agency are Sean Sanders and David (disco) Desko.  All of which I am very proud of.

As a matter of fact there are way too many people now in my company to mention here except to say all play a very important role in not only making my life function, along with putting up with my shinanagans.  I am very proud of them all.

Stay tuned … For the 10,000 ft climb pulling a 60 pound trailer on a bicycle.

James Whelan
crazy biker at large
561 588 0808